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Step 1:

What are we doing?
  • We are removing all existing structures necessary to complete your project
  • We protect your landscape so that it doesn't get disturbed during this process
  • We excavate, and we excavate a lot! On average we remove 20 yards of dirt for every job. This dirt is recycled and taken to the city to be mixed with compost so that it can be used in landscapes.
Why are we doing it the way we do?
  • Colorado dirt is unstable! We have harsh winters and bad soils making our dirt a bad base.
  • So we remove it and in the place of the dirt we use a compacted road base the same way the roads are built so that we can drive our cars on them.
  • We believe in quality! We base our installation process on tried and true building principles that withstand the test of time.
  • We exceed industry standards and stay educated so that we can provide the best product on the market.
How do we do it?
  • We have invested in the proper equipment to do this work efficiently.
  • We educate our team members on best practices. Not only is our office staff certified but ALL of our foremen are certified to this work. We consider ourselves Craftsman and have the education to back that up!


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