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Step 3:

What are we doing?
  • This is where the fun begins!
  • After the base, a thin layer of sand is flattened so the pavers can be laid on top.
  • Pavers can be laid in an endless amount of designs and patterns making every patio, walkway or driveway its own unique creation.
  • Once the pavers have been laid any designs or special patterns are cut into the surface. Then we place a special plastic edging around the area so that it cannot move.
  • The final things to do are compact and sand the area.
Why are we doing it the way we do?
  • Each and every paver is laid by hand this way we can insure joint lines are straight and consistent.
  • Since this is the visual part of the job we make sure there is a consistent color blend and nice smooth curves that are pleasing to the eye.
How do we do it?
  • We use a blade that has diamonds in it to cut the pavers!
  • We also use a state of the art edging that has been proven to be the best!


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